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lunes, 26 de agosto de 2013

F1 2013 Physics Set 5.50 For rFactor Mods

Pack de Físicas de F1 2013

F1 2013 Physics Set 5.50 For rFactor Mods

Readme :

This is a complete physics set ( Physics file, Suspension file, Engine file, Tyre file, damage file ) for a F1 2013 model in rFactor 1. The files are made to be used in any F1 2013 Mod, especially Mods for Leagues, since the set is including tyres ready for RFE plugins, featuring new Pirelli 2013 specifics.

**** New in version 5.5 ****

Improved in Physics files for all Formula models ( F1l with rear pull rod suspensions, and Formula 2013 and SuperFormula 2013 ) the AI Perf Usage values, in order to get better balance between Human and AI drivers in race ( considering that Talent files driver values may be utilized with good results in SP races if in rFactor menù options are chosen 90% AI strength, and 25% AI aggression – and AI No limited in PRL file game option ). Improved again Pirelli 2013 tire file: now, heating value in front tires is a little bit lower, while grip is a little bit increased ; Improved for Safety car Mercedes SLS AMG the Physics-engine-susp complex, together with graphical view inside cockpit: now, driving the car, LCD monitor is really reflecting the rear track ( Safety Car in Demo Pack v 5.5 and in Single Player version of F1 Mod ), with better driving feeling due new susp-physics-engine complex.

Demo Pack available at this link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3w3yv4x08i39nnw/Formula+2013+Physics+Demo+5.5.part1.rar


including the following models ( See Credits inside ): F1 2013 Red Bull RB9, and Mercedes SLS AMG Safety Car from F1 2013 Mod by IMT Team; Formula 2013 RR, and SuperFormula RR from rFactor RaceRoom v1.2, by SandroX, rF Planet and AsTerix1.

If You want to test directly in a F1 Mod my files, adapted to a Single Player version Mod, read please the included document called “Single Player F1 Mod”. These files are made to be used in F1 2013, or any other Formula Mods, especially for rFactor Leagues, since the F1 set is including tyres ready for RFE plugins, featuring new Pirelli 2013.

****In version 5.0****

Physics set including files for a F1 model 2013, and safety car.
These files are made for people preparing their custom Formula Mods, especially F1 2013 Mods.
Files are collecting: Physics, suspensions ( rear pull rod model ), tires ( new Pirelli 2013 ), engine, damage, and gear files.
In version 5.0:
improved Physics files; improved Tire files; added Engine-Physics set for all F1 2013 Teams, together with Talent files;
included links for:
1) Physics Demo version 5.0, with F1 Red Bull model, Formula 2013 and SuperFormula 2013; Mercedes SLS AMG Gt F1, FIA Safety car.
2) Links for a complete F1 Mod, and Single Player files based on Physics set v 5.0

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