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jueves, 2 de febrero de 2012

rFactor rF-Scan AntiCheat V0.9.9.16 RC1

rF Scan anticheto rFactor nueva version

Nueva versión de este anticheto para rFactor rF-Scan Anticheat v0.9.9.16 RC1, que arregla algunos fallos y añade nuevas característica a las anteriores versiones, muy utilizado por la comunidad ya que la plaga de tramposos no cesa en todo los tipos de juegos o competiciones online.
Changelog 0.9916 RC1
  • new look (Thanks to Olaf Borchert (link) )
  • added option to start rF_HighVoltage before rFactor
  • added option to start another external program (e.g. joy2key) before rFactor
  • added option to create a verbose scan, which scan in a much smaller interval
  • several smaller internal changes
  • Mistake .net fixed
  • - TDF Grip and Track Temp
  • - Signature of the 64-Bit Patch added DL: (Click Here)
  • - some bugfixes
  • - Added: rFQueryServerPlugin from wiesental-racing.de (Thanks a lot to Rene for permission)
  • - Added: Check existence of the plugin and the corresponding ini file
  • - Added: Logging of current Session
  • - Added: Logging of current Track
  • - Added: Logging of fastest lap times
  • - Added: Signature of the "G27 promo dvd" rFactor.exe
rF_ScanReader v0.4 8:
Added: New Filter "FastestLaps"
A cooperation of "Simsync Pro", "International PRO Modding" and Sim-Racing.info
  • The tool works in rFactor the following way:
  • - the rF-scan can be obtained via the SimSync and is placed in a separate sub-folder by the sync
  • - rF-scan can be moved/copied by the user to any other rF-installation and can be run either after having been placed in the rF-root folder or in a sub-folder
  • - creating a desktop shortcut is recommended
  • - starting the rf_scan.exe (or using the shortcut) will start up the tool’s dialogue box
  • - choose the driver profile you wish to use
  • - to begin with, the rFactor.exe will be checked for validity. Should the file not pass the check it has to be replaced:
  • DVD version Here| Online Version Here
  • - start rFactor via the tool’s dialogue box
  • - after having closed rFactor a folder named "rf_scan" will have been created which contains a logfile
  • - the logfile is an encrypted file and needs to be sent to the Race Control
  • - the name of the logfile is always a combination of the driver name and the respective date
  • - No data are online transmitted!
  • - No personal data are grasped!

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